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LEDA Medical wishes all of our readers and patients a happy and healthy new year! We are grateful for another year of practice and discovery. In our constant pursuit of health and wellness, we are pleased to educate you this week on MAH Ozone Therapy.

What is MAH Ozone Therapy?

Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy (MAH Ozone Therapy) is a process through which blood can be “cleaned” through pure ozone outside of the body. Autohemo means “self-blood”, and ozone therapy is the act of injecting pure oxygen gas into the blood taken from the patient and re-injecting it. It is an oxidative therapy, meaning it utilizes oxygen as a vehicle to promote healing throughout the body. Oxidative processes are fundamental to many bodily functions because oxygen, through a series of oxidation-reduction reactions, is responsible for energy production. Without sufficient oxygen, the immune system doesn’t have enough energy to fight off bacteria or other invaders, or reduce inflammation.

How does MAH Ozone Therapy Work?

As an extracorporeal (outside the body) therapy, blood is drawn from the patient, typically about half a pint, and mixed with saline as well as medical-grade ozone gas. It is then dripped back into the patient through an IV. Ozone gas is made of three oxygen atoms and will shortly break down into two oxygen atoms (O2), leaving the third oxygen atom to form ozonides throughout the blood. These ozonides interact with tissue to energize cells and produce carbon dioxide within the tissue through a process called oxidative phosphorylation, leaving more energy available to sick cells and promoting healing.

Benefits of MAH Ozone Therapy:

Patients with varied concerns and ailments could stand to benefit from MAH Ozone Therapy. To understand if it suits you, some of the potential benefits are listed:

  • Ozone can oxidize cells as it moves through the body, which is especially important when it reaches your arteries. At that point, it can oxidize and break up any buildup and may enhance blood flow. Increased circulation has a number of important potential outcomes, some of them being the ability to supply organs with crucial nutrients and oxygen, and increasing immunity by carrying certain blood cells through the bloodstream to fight infection. Sufficient blood flow also might increase your ability to perform physically, giving patients who may have had trouble with exercise opportunities to improve. Because of its oxidizing ability, it may also help to cleanse the bloodstream of excess cholesterol and fat, as well as remove toxins and malignant microorganisms.

  • Chronic inflammation is typically experienced alongside high oxidative stress, immunologic dysfunction, and reactive oxygen species (highly unstable cells containing oxygen that can disrupt many cell processes). Ozone can act as a regulator for these cellular processes and may notably reduce both the amount and severity by which they occur, which can result in reducing chronic inflammation.

  • As a bioregulatory tool, it has the ability to stimulate immunity without creating a hyperactive immune system. This process allows the body to exist in homeostasis, which is extremely conducive to healing.

Although MAH Ozone Therapy has been around alternative "holistic" practices for a while, it is still an experimental and controversial due to concerns around its effectiveness and safety science, and lacks significant supporting literature such as long term studies. Therefore, treatment results and duration of number of therapies may vary from patient to patient.

LEDA Medical clinic is always working on bringing the cutting edge advice and therapies, and will continue to learn the best ways to treat and advise our patients.

LEDA Medical office offers Ozonation therapy as well as EBO2.

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