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Many of you know that May is Lyme Disease awareness month. A time when messages of hope, public awareness, health campaigns on education and prevention are prevelent throughout media and social media platforms.

A time when we can voice our feelings, frustrations, support, and courage. We proudly wear our green ribbons, wrist bands, t-shirts, host galas, cycling events, and even decorate our streets and towns with green yarn ( to raise awareness, hope and funds for Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) patients, their families and research.

We do this to show support to the patients who fight for rights and proper treatment. We do this to acknowledge the brave physician and researchers who despite huge criticism from their colleagues, threats of medical prosecution by medical boards, putting their own livelihood at risk, try desperately to heal people. We do this to acknowledge the caretakers who endlessly comfort, support, and show love to their friends and family who are battling this terrible disease. We do this to acknowledge the advocates who push and fight the local and national government agencies to change and mend laws to make this disease REAL.

This past month, has been incredibly fulfilling. I had the honorn of going back to my alma mater Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) to educate medical students on Lyme disease. Traveled to Ohio for the annual North East Ohio Lyme Foundation conference to speak to patients and physicians who are desperately trying to educate themselves and their community. Was interviewed by various newspapers and agencies in regards to current Lyme disease movement and research, and had a pleasure to discuss a real fascinating case with Alan McDonald MD, which could be a sensational publication.



I want to share that this work (Lyme, PANS/PANDAS, and other underrepresented disorders) brought me tremendous personal fulfillment as I know that I am giving hope to people who have lost it. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and learn from patients who teach me every day and work with and learn from doctors like Dr. Charles Ray Jones and so many others who are making a difference.

Watch me take the #LymeDiseaseChallenge at RWJMS this May on my IGTV

Stay Healthy.

Elena Frid MD




151 E 62nd, STE 1A New York, NY 10065 | T: 212-288-8832

Dr. Frid is a physician specializing in Lyme disease and sees patients with this condition - which is not universal among physicians. For more information about Lyme disease contact Dr. Frid follow Dr. Frid on Instagram @drelenafrid.

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