Frequently asked questions

We know how difficult it can be when you’re deciding on a doctor. We put together some frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have any additional questions or would like more information about our services and treatment options, give us a call  at (212) 288-8832 and  speak directly with our Patient Care Representatives.

How Do I Schedule an Initial Appointment?

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frid, please submit your new inquiry here. In order to ensure the highest quality of care; Dr.Frid reviews all inquiries personally. Once she has reviewed your inquiry, we will contact you accordingly with her respective response.

What does Dr.Frid offer her patients?

Dr.Frid knows that every patient is unique and that there is no "one treatment fits all." Generally within the first few visits, Dr.Frid will be able to present her prescribed treatment; however, evaluations and reviews are ongoing and customizations to the treatment plan are made accordingly.

Can I conference in another physician for consultations?

Yes, health care may be a collaborative effort so we welcome you to conference in your local MD, NP, ND or any other healthcare aid that will help you with Dr. Frid's advice and treatment recommendations / plan.

What is a phone interview?

A phone interview is an advice only half hour phone session with Dr. Frid and provides a direct platform to present your case and gauge the direction and dynamic of a future treatment plan. Following this interview, you’ll have a clear direction in regards to your next steps, which may include treatment recommendations, diagnostic tests which might have been missed, and physician referrals that are given based off the specifics of your medical case. It is not a substitute for a personal visit to your physician. You must be under the care of a physician(s) in your area to do a consultation. Consultations are intended to balance the care you are receiving from your medical practitioner.

How do I schedule a phone interview?

If you would like to schedule a "phone interview" with Dr. Frid, please download the form here. If you have trouble downloading or completing this form, please contact our office at 212-288-8832.

Can I conference in other physicians on a phone interview?

Yes you can! We believe in team health approach, so we welcome you to conference in your local MD, NP, ND or any other healthcare aid that will help and assist you with Dr. Frid's advise and treatment recommendations.

Will Dr. Frid work with my existing physician(s)?

Absolutely. Many of our patients are already under the care of a Lyme Literate physician or other healthcare provider. Dr. Frid's goal of providing treatment and supportive open medical care means working together with traditional and holistic healthcare practitioners. We support an integrative medical approach, giving you many more health options and ultimately resulting in the best treatment and supportive care possible.

Bloodwork and lab logistics?

It is not a requirement, but you will be asked to do a thorough bloodwork workup after your initial consulation; results will be discussed at the follow-up appointment. Throughout treatment, bloodwork is regularly checked to re-asses a patient's condition, espeically if they are taking oral or IV atibiotics. As we do not draw blood at our clinic, we have partnered with a local lab (2 blocks away) to accomodate our patients M-TH (8-6pm).

Can Dr. Frid speak to my doctor about my medical case without me?

Yes. Please contact our office for a phone interview form, or download it here directly. A patient must complete and sign the form prior to submitting. Please ensure that you have coordinated your physicians availability with ours.

I'm travelling for my appointment, where should I stay?

As a recommendation, please try to stay on Manhattan East side within a 1-10 blocks radius of our office (151 E 62nd St. STE1A New York, NY 10065). By staying close to our office, it will help you manage your commute time better, and if additional time is needed for diagnostic testing, you are close by to your hotel when you finish. Expedia, Hotels.com are always a good option to find a place to stay.

What happens after submitting my new inquiry?

Once it’s been determined whether you’ll be moving forward with us, we will send you our intake requirements via email. As soon as we recieve all required materials, we will call / email you to schedule your consultation.

What is Dr. Frid's availability?

Dr.Frid is the only medical professional at our practice and accepts patients on a case specific basis. In order to accommodate both the high volume of inquiries and variety of patient needs; there are a few different appointment types available. After you submit your new inquiry, we will be able to better gauge which type of consultation would be most accommodating to your needs. Typically an in-person appointment is booked 2-3 months out, while a phone interview can often be booked within a few weeks from recieving your phone session forms.

Does Dr. Frid accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance, we can provide receipts for certain services that you can submit to your insurance if you have out of network benefits. Additionally, for your convenience we have collected some financial assistance resources detailed here.

Does Dr. Frid Offer IVIg at home?

Due to complications that often arise from in-home infusion and subsequent nursing issues, and to improve patient outcome of signs or symptoms post infusion, Dr. Frid offers IVIg treatment in her office only under her supervision.

Can Dr. Frid order IVIg done at home if i cannot commute to her office?

Due to complications that often arise from in-home infusion and subsequent nursing issues, and to improve patient outcome of signs or symptoms post infusion, Dr. Frid offers IVIg treatment in her office only under her supervision. Therefore, Dr. Frid will gladly work with your local doctor to provide him/her with your records to help them start the process for you to insure you have a proper local support during your treatment.

How much does it cost to do IVIg at Dr. Frid's office?

IVIg can be expensive if done out of pocket. That is why our office will submit all claims to your insurance company for reimbursement. Yes, we will obtain a pre-auth from your insurance prior to treatment, and than bill your insurance company for reimbursement. Your financial responsibility would be your Out-Of-Network deductible and out of pocket fees which are set by your insurance company. If you are interested in learning more about your eligibility, please contact our office so we can direct you to our insurance specialist.

Do you have a list of other LLMD's or PANS/PANDAS specialists around the country you recommend?

As Lyme disease is a relatively controversial recognized disease , there is still much that needs to be done as far as reaching a consensus on its diagnosis and treatment. There are other doctors in this country who are interested in Lyme, PANS/PANDAS, and other autoimmune conditions, but they might approach it in a manner different than our own. With that in mind, we do not feel comfortable at this time providing a complete list of doctors who are treating all of the above conditions.