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Telephone Consultation

Seen many health care providers but do not feel they are progressing and feel they are missing something or going in the wrong direction for treatment? 

Want to know what our clinicians thinks about your medical case?



Why you should schedule your phone interview session TODAY!

No Travel

National and international patients can now go over their medical case without leaving their home.

Cost Effective

Save on flights, gas, car rentals, hotels, and other costs associated with traveling to see Dr. Frid in New York. 

Quick Booking

Once we receive your form, we will book your appointment in

1-7 business days

Team Approach

Medical terminology can be very difficult. Now you can invite your local physician, health advocate, or a family member to sit in on the phone interview. They will understand and guide you locally after the phone session.

Lab Interpretation

Help you understand and interpret your laboratory tests.

Dr. Frid will advise you if and what further testing will aid you in answering and will go over the importance of your results.

Treatment Advice

Review potential treatment options for your personal health concerns. Help you find the treatment that is best for you with specific recommendations


Treatment advise may encompass: further diagnostic testing, medication change, laboratory workup, and specialist recommendations

Hi Dr. Frid. Thank you so much for your quick assessment of my current medical situation. I was able to provide your valuable recommendations to my local doctor, who has welcomed it and have started me on a new protocol with additional testing.  

Larry - CA

Thank you for a very thorough and precise phone interview. My family and I and grateful for your expertise. We will be following up with our local doctor to implement the changes you recommended.

Vicky - TN


While you will be discussing your health needs and concerns with the doctor, our clinical team cannot actually treat you or prescribe medications if you are not seen in person in our office.  You will need to work with your primary doctor for any treatment, prescriptions, labs or medications orders and scripts.

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