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Dr. Frid, I hope you feel the gratitude my husband and I feel for your working to solve the baffling case of our son. Cleveland Clinic and Columbus neurologists have no suggestions other than PT and OT. Our son and his wife, have lost hope as his symptoms are slowly getting worse, not better. 


My hope is that, ultimately, you can use our son as example of successful treatment at one of our future Northeast Ohio Lyme Foundation symposiums:). But even if his symptoms are truly irreversible, your work with him gives me peace, because I know if it is humanly possible to restore his life, you would be the one to do it. Either way, I am extremely grateful for your study and your dedication.


There is an army of my friends of all faiths calling out to God to give you His direction/wisdom.



Cleveland - OH

I was so lucky that I just so happened to land in your office back in 2013. I didn't know what was wrong with me yet and I was barely standing and breathing. You were one of the first doctors who helped me get on the right path to finally getting some answers and a diagnosis of Lyme. I am so grateful for amazing doctors like you who are trying to help people who are so sick, scared and completely let down by the medical establishment. Thank you Dr. Frid!

New York, NY

I just thought I'd drop a note to tell you, ... my health is so much better than it was this time last year! I was just noticing that today, and wanted to thank you for taking a chance on doxy, I haven't felt this good in 7 years. My cognition is back to normal, my heart palpitations have completely stopped, I'm not exhausted 24/7, and my joints no longer ache. I was at the point where I thought I was going to have to quit my job, and I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back!

Daytona Beach, FL

As someone who has Lyme Disease and peripheral medical problems I've been plagued with a slew of neurological and painful auto-immune issues. Dr. Frid is the perfect combination of dedication, compassion and knowledge. She helped me navigate an extremely stressful hospital stay, and has consistently been there with clinical advice and expertise, and a thoroughly planned-out treatment plan. What I like most about this doctor is that she really listens and stays up-to-date on the latest treatments, trials and research projects that relate to my issues. I feel respected and she has always been very responsive and available. I highly recommend the whole team.

Connecticut, CT

Dr. Frid is incredibly attentive and thorough. I have seen many doctors in my life because choosing one before the days of online reviews felt like roulette. The office is equipped to do some tests on-site, which helps speed up the whole process. Dr. Frid seems determined to get to the root of the problem, explaining her methods and line of thinking.


Dr. Elena Frid is an extraordinarily gifted physician. My PCP referred me to her, and Dr Frid was able to diagnose a condition that had eluded other neurologists for more than 10 years. With the treatment plan she prescribed, my quality of life has improved more than I thought possible. 

New York, NY

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