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Why Partner with LEDA Medical?

At LEDA Medical we pride ourselves on partnering in patient care with health professionals of all disciplines to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options for our mutual patients.

Many doctors, therapists, and coaches nationwide entrust LEDA Medical to help them get to the root cause of their patient’s symptoms. That’s because LEDA Medical has the most comprehensive tools and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat patients who are treatment-resistant or who have multi factorial systemic issues.

You spend countless hours supporting your clients and patients and you want the best for them. You want to make sure they’re in the best hands when other care is needed. Your recommendation is your word, your bond, your reputation. We get it.

Our deep clinical assessments combined with diagnostic expertise, including specialty labs (Galaxy, Igenex, Moleculera, mold/toxicity panels and others), neurological evaluation (EEG, EMG, Lumber Puncture), and medical imaging (SPECT scan, MRI, CT), uncovers the root cause of many issues that are unresolved in patients before coming to LEDA. Often, providers find that new information derived from our detailed evaluations uncover information about their patients that have completely changed the course of their treatment, including prescription medications, lifestyle recommendations, and therapies. 

Our comprehensive approach can help you and your patient through the tough times and help you guide them to the solution. When your clients are placed on the right treatment protocol, their outcomes will be significantly improved.


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