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Delivering Multi Dimensional Diagnostic Process to Derive at an Appropriate Diagnosis. 

In today’s ever changing healthcare, physicians are either not taught or don’t have time to think critically, thus rely on spontaneous mechanism of their intuitive autopilot.  Lower reimbursement payouts, insurance denials and complexities, higher cost of doing business, fulfilling accreditation requirements, rising malpractice insurance, and personal debt, all amount to physician’s unhappiness and burnout. To still make a living, physicians must see 30-80 patients a day to continue operating there business and make enough living to sustain their families. The abandonment of analytical process has plagued the medical community, especially when diagnosing or treating Lyme patients.  

Dr. Frid decided to go the other route. She applies the analytic process to all her patients. This is a conscious, slower, and deliberate process that is more reliable.

Patients who consult with Dr Frid are looking for methodical one-on-one specialized approach, a different perspective, one that abandons some of the usual assumptions and treats the patient. Her critical thinking and re-evaluation as new information comes in, allows for a new formulation in which the formerly impossible becomes possible.​​ Please note all examination, treatment and management is provided solely by Dr. Frid. 

Thorough Neurological Exam (1-2hrs) 

  • Extended consultation time

    • Presenting complaint

    • Detailed History of presenting illness

    • Review of systems

    • Travel History

    • Birth / Developmental History

    • Immunization history

    • Review extensive past medical history

    • Surgical history

    • Family history

    • Social history

    • Medications (including current and previous protocols used) and Allergies assessment

  • Thorough neurological exam

    • Mental Status Examination

    • Examination of speech and language

    • Cranial nerves

    • Examination of the motor system

    • Examination of the sensory system

    • Examination for involuntary movements
    • Examine Balance
    • Gait

    • Observation of the patient as a whole

  • Review of extended past medical records

  • Review past protocols, treatment strategies and
    • High-tech radiology
    • Past and Current medications
    • Past and Current treatment protocols 
    • Vaccination information

    • Exposure to Environmental Toxins

    • Past blood work (including specialty labs )

  • Consider all diagnostic possibilities

 Supportive diagnostic tools offered and interpretation

  • Order supportive labs

    • Specialty testing

      • Paraneoplastic panel

        • Testing for integrity of one's immune system

        • Thyroid testing

        • Testing for Yeast

        • Testing for Vitamin and Miniral deficiencies 

        • Testing for Mold 

      • iGenex ​

      • Hypercoagulable work up

      • Galaxy

      • Evaluate for various infectious and inflammatory processes

      • Cunningham panel

      • Clongen Lab

      • Advanced Laboratory Services

      • Immunology panels

      • Co-infections testing

      • General blood work

  • High tech imaging

    • CD / TCD ultrasound

    • CT

    • CTA

    • DaTScan

    • EKG

    • ECHO

    • MRI / MRA / MRV

    • MRI with NeuroQuant

    • PET scan / SPECT scan

    • Ultrasounds

    • X-ray

  • Antineuronal antibody testing

  • Neurological testing

    • Electroencephalogram (EEG)

    • Nerve conduction velocity (NCV)

    • Electromyogram (EMG)

    • Videonystagmography (VNG) 

    • Skin biopsy 

    • Spinal tap / Lumber puncture

  • Consider additional medication strategy 

  • Collaborate with radiologists, neurosurgeons, and other specialty experts as needed.

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