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Differentiating between idiopathic vs organic (Infections / inflammatory / autoimmune) causes of various neurological disorders using cutting edge diagnostic tools and clinical expertise.

Infections Induced Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune Encephalitis

Rheumatoid arthritis


Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)

Myalgic encephalitis (ME)

Other immune mediated disorders of the peripheral nervous system

Systemic Disease / Preventative Medicine

Chronic fatigue


Intractable headaches

Memory disturbance

Hormone imbalance



Pituitary and reproductive hormones

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric





Cognitive deficits







Heavy Metals


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome


​Neuroinfectious /Tick Borne Diseases

Lyme disease / Neuroborreliosis




Relapsing fever (Borrelia quintana)


​Aseptic meningitis

Brain abscess

Patient Story

" Dr. Frid saved my life, literally. I was unable to function and she was able to diagnose me when other doctors could not, and offer effective treatment. I'm now able to type, walk, talk, drive, eat, well...everything because of her treatment. I'm forever grateful. She cares profusely, is professional, and brilliant. I recommend her to anyone with chronic autoimmune illness or brain issues. "

Patient Journey

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

                       ~ Dale Carnegie

Patient Testimonials 

Dr. Frid at LEDA Medical has helped my son tremendously. He had been sick for years with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease due to tick borne relapsing fever and Dr. Frid was able to determine his progressing illness and help my son to recover. We have a long road yet ahead of us, but I feel hopeful that my son is on the right path to becoming a normal, healthy boy. Dr. Frid has been so kind and patient with my son. She spends time with us at each appointment to hear how my son is progressing and carefully considers our treatment plan. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Frid.  – C.W.

Thank you so much for everything. My last appt with you relieved our fears in a big way and like always, I cherish the amazing doctor that you are. Mark and I say every single day how in awe we are of Sawyer. He has come so far that it’s just amazing. We owe so much to you that I don’t even have the words to properly thank you. You are one of the very few who understands just how far he has come.  Your days must be long with the complex patients that you have, but you change lives every day. You helped sawyer get his life back and for that I’m eternally grateful. – B.H

Elena Frid, MD, is an absolutely brilliant diagnostician, none better. I am familiar with her work as a colleague who refers the most complex cases to her and relies on her clinical acumen, thorough medical detective work, and comprehensive treatments and follow-up. She goes the extra distance that makes any additional cost well worth it.  – J.A

After two years, four neurologists, and countless doctors dismissing and not listening to my son, Dr. Frid literally saved his life. She is caring, compassionate, extremely intelligent and a super sleuth, leaving no stone unturned.  -- S.B

In a period of 2 years, about 30 doctors told me that nothing was wrong with me, or that i was crazy. I felt horrible- my life had turned completely upside down and i would not give up until i had an answer. Within my first appointment with Dr. Frid, she had a plan for me, diagnosed me, and started my treatment. My only regret is not seeing Dr. Frid 2 years ago.  For the first time in a LONG time, i can see the finish line in the distance. Im so thankful that I am fortunate enough to have met her and be under her care. She is an amazing doctor and a true expert in her field. The entire office staff is always so friendly and helpful. If you are ever in a position like this, run to Dr. Frid. No one else could even come close to what she can do. She literally saved me when everyone else just turned the other way.  – C.R.

A physician who brings her skills as a neurologist in with an awareness of Lyme and co-infections, Dr. Frid is quite brilliant.  Her knowledge on Lyme and coinfections is vast, and my impression is that she is continually adding to her understanding - something that I don't see many doctors doing these days.  It's entirely unique to find a doctor I can ask so many questions and have so many answers and/or a discussion about possibilities.  Did I mention she's brilliant?  We are very happy to have found her and greatly appreciate Anton and her team in coordinating treatments and scheduling and for helping to set everything up and get important questions answered. – J.O

I have been treated by Dr Frid going on 3 years I travel from Maine twice year to have a face-to-face e consult. She is excellent in all aspects of you profession. I’m getting better and I owe it all to her knowledge and abilities. I can’t thank her enough. God bless her for all that she does.  – A.R

Dr. Frid is an exceptional physician and a knowledgeable and thoughtful diagnostician. She listens and takes the time to truly understand her patients' symptoms, her exam is thorough, and she is able to run the necessary tests to treat the causes of patients' illnesses. She collaborates with the best practitioners in New York to be sure that her patients receive the treatment and care that they need.  – J.T

After 7 years of illness and many other doctors, Dr. Frid was able to diagnose my teenage daughter's complex condition and start her on IVIg and other up-to-date treatment. Because she truly listens to her patients, Dr. Frid individualized a unique treatment plan for my daughter giving her the highest chance of treatment success. We are grateful for all the improvements we have seen over the last years and finally have confidence in continued healing. Thank you Dr. Frid for your expert care and Mel for your skilled nursing care.  – L.W

Dr. Frid is an awesome doctor who is extremely compassionate. She takes the time to listen to all my concerns. Due to Dr. Frid's comprehensive, thorough care, I am able to maintain my independence and work at a job I love despite having health challenges. Everyone on "Team Dr. Frid" is very kind and supportive. This is greatly appreciated especially on "IVIG" days.  – J.F

Dr. Frid SAVED MY LIFE ! After too many doctors to list misdiagnosed me, Dr. Frid diagnosed me with Bartonella, Babesia & Lyme. Almost 2 years of treatment and i fell better than i have in 20 years. Thank You so Much! She is the ONLY doctor you should see if you have Lymes and/or coinfections. It's the best decision i ever made.  – M.T

My personal experience thru navigating my own chronic conditions along with dozens of unexplained symptoms have been the biggest struggle I've had to face.  Prior to the onset of my uninvited conditions 7 years ago, I've had led a normal healthy life.  During the first several years from the onset of chronic pain,  I've accumulated dozens of other symptoms which led to countless visits to medical specialists.  After numerous tests along with their recommendations to treat each symptom,  it was clear to me that none of these consultations have provided me with any insight to how all of my struggles were related.  Since meeting with Dr. Frid,  my current status has improved drastically.  I no longer seek out other medical specialists since many of the ailments have been resolved.  I was very fortunate to find a doctor who has great knowledge but just as important, her capacity to listen and understand the importance of all details which other specialists may ignore as insignificant. – J.S

Dr. Frid is the best!!!  She and her staff are exceptional.  My daughter has recovered 100% because of Dr. Frid.

Dr. Frid didn't give us any false hopes and she never looked at us with sad eyes seeing only the brokenness.  It was clear we were all working towards the same goal of complete healing.  Dr. Frid is a hard-working, smart doctor who continues to educate herself on the latest treatments.  She has a very clear plan for treatment tailored to each specific patient.  Our process was slow and thoughtful because of the extreme vulnerability. The process was hard but worth the effort, with each step, the symptoms began to resolve.  We never felt alone in this recovery and we were given choices for treatment options that we were comfortable with and understood.  Dr. Frid, nurse Melanie, and the staff have all been efficient, effective, and professional to our whole family.  They are the best and I am grateful that Dr. Frid had the courage to try and help.   After missing 2.5 years of school, my daughter is now back better than ever enjoying life as she did before this illness.  – L.S

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